Unit 5 ENglish Plus 3 test standard

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Unit 5 Standard Test A Listening 3 Choose the correct words or phrases. (10 marks) 1 [1.06] Read the statements. Then listen to a 1 It’s never too late to get a phone / hobby / radio show about future predictions and say if pension and learn something new. the statements are true or false. (10 marks) 2 I’m going to get old / travel around / get 1 Ian Tucker is an engineer. _______ involved in Australia and learn how to surf. 2 Ian says in the future we might be able to use 3 It’s a good idea to waste / spend / earn some our minds to talk to each other. _______ time abroad while you’re young. 3 The communication would be as words instead 4 My sister wants to start / get / take up her own of electronic signals. _______ business after she gets her degree. 4 Ian thinks that in the future we will live forever. 5 Most people get a pension / bank account / _______ job when they retire. 5 The technology to allow us to live longer won’t 6 When I leave school, I want to get a hobby / cost very much money. _______ job / bank account as a chef. 6 Scientists in the UK are exploring how to 7 I think it’s important to look after / get change the Earth’s climate. _______ involved / settle down yourself and eat 7 The scientists aim to protect our planet. healthily. _______ 8 When I get a degree / driving licence / family, 8 By 2025, Ian predicts people will use machines I’ll be able to visit more local places. to help their brains work faster. _______ 9 He’s going to tie himself down / settle down / 9 Ian thinks only a few people will have access to retire young and travel the world. these machines by 2075. _______ 10 I’d like to get involved with a charity / have a 10 Listeners can contribute more ideas via social family / have fun to help others. media. _______ Language focus Vocabulary 4 Complete the first conditional sentences with 2 Complete the sentences with the phrases in the the correct form of the words and phrases in box. (5 marks) the box. (10 marks) get a driving licence get married get old not get rich not look take some time out take up not get married live not get a driving licence 1 I always make sure I 1 People ______________________ on other ______________________ when I need a rest. planets if there is an epidemic on Earth. 2 It’s common for people in the UK to 2 I ______________________ unless I meet the ______________________ and settle down in right person. their thirties. 3 Unless I have some lessons, I 3 In the UK, you can ______________________ ________________________________. at the age of seventeen. 4 You ______________________ unless you get 4 I want to travel the world and have fun before I a job. ______________________. 5 Humans ______________________ the same if 5 You’re never too old to they adapt to conditions on another planet. ______________________ a new sport.

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Unit 5 Standard Test A 5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of Reading will, might or be going to and the verb in brackets. (5 marks) Who do you think you’ll be? 1 If you don’t study, you What do you think you’ll be doing in the future? Are you going to travel the world or maybe start up a business? ______________________ go to university. Tell us about your goals for the future! (not be able to) Thomas 2 Which cities ______________________ you I see myself finishing university and taking some time ______________________ on your next trip? out. I’m going to travel around Australia. Unless you (visit) travel, you won’t get a chance to gain different life 3 Unless a catastrophe hits the planet, we experiences. I’m going to have fun! ______________________ to survive and grow. Lucia (continue) I always wanted to travel into space, and now I think it may be a possibility in the future. Some scientists believe 4 When I’m older, I ______________________ we’ll be living on other planets in a decade or two. my own business. (start up) Marcus 5 I’ve decided that I ______________________ I’m going to start my own business and make my first (teach) myself how to play the guitar. million before I’m thirty! Then I’ll retire young and enjoy life. I’ll settle down and start a family. I can’t wait! 6 Write complete questions or sentences with the Debbie words below. Use will or be going to. (10 marks) I’ve been thinking a lot about the future. I’ll be studying 1 you / wear / new shirt / tonight / ? at university for three years and after that, I’d like to do ______________________________________ some volunteering at a school in India. 2 in ten years’ time / I / live / abroad Julia I’m just a student now, but I’ve got some big plans for the ______________________________________ future. I’ve started teaching myself to play the guitar so I 3 we / watch / the football match / on Sunday can play in a successful rock band. Why waste time working all your life? ______________________________________ 4 he / have / pizza / for dinner 7 Read the text. Then read the sentences and ______________________________________ write true or false. (10 marks) 5 they / go / supermarket / this afternoon 1 Thomas is going to travel after university. _______ ______________________________________ 2 He wants to settle down soon. _______ 3 Lucia thinks she won’t travel into space. _______ 4 She says scientists believe we’ll be living on other planets in a year or two. _______ 5 By the time he’s thirty, Marcus wants to be rich. _______ 6 After he retires, he wants to have children. _______ 7 Debbie’s university course is four years long. _______ 8 She wants to help people while she’s in India. _______ 9 Julia is teaching in a music school. _______ 10 She is planning to work hard for many years. _______

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Unit 5 Standard Test A Communication 8 Complete the dialogue with the correct phrases. (5 marks) 1 A: You’ve got a b__________ day ahead, Julia. 2 B: I know. Oh, don’t f__________ I’ve got a job interview tomorrow morning. A: Yes, what time does that start? B: It’s at 10.00 in the city centre. Can you give me a lift? A: I’ve got a dentist appointment in the morning, 3 r__________? 4 B: Don’t w__________, I’ll get the bus instead. 5 A: OK. Good l__________ for tomorrow. Writing 9 Write a blog post about a friend’s plans and ambitions for the future. Use the plan in the box to help you. Write 80–100 words. (10 marks) Paragraph 1 About your friend: their general plans. Paragraph 2 Career: what job would they like to do? What are they going to do to achieve their goals? He / She would like to ... . Paragraph 3 In twenty years: where do they see themselves? What do you think they will be doing? I suppose that … . Who knows … ? I wonder what … ? Total marks: Listening ____ / 10 Vocabulary ____ / 15 Language focus ____ / 25 Reading ____ / 10 Communication ____ / 5 Writing ____ 10 TOTAL ____ / 75