Unit 5 ENglish Plus 3 test standard

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Unit 5 Standard Test A Listening 3 Choose the correct words or phrases. (10 marks) 1 [1.06] Read the statements. Then listen to a 1 It’s never too late to get a phone / hobby / radio show about future predictions and say if pension and learn something new. the statements are true or false. (10 marks) 2 I’m going to get old / travel around / get 1 Ian Tucker is an engineer. _______ involved in Australia and learn how to surf. 2 Ian says in the future we might be able to use 3 It’s a good idea to waste / spend / earn some our minds to talk to each other. _______ time abroad while you’re young. 3 The communication would be as words instead 4 My sister wants to start / get / take up her own of electronic signals. _______ business after she gets her degree. 4 Ian thinks that in the future we will live forever. 5 Most people get a pension / bank account / _______ job when they retire. 5 The technology to allow us to live longer won’t 6 When I leave school, I want to get a hobby / cost very much money. _______ job / bank account as a chef. 6 Scientists in the UK are exploring how to 7 I think it’s important to look after / get change the Earth’s climate. _______ involved / settle down yourself and eat 7 The scientists aim to protect our planet. healthily. _______ 8 When I get a degree / driving licence / family, 8 By 2025, Ian predicts people will use machines I’ll be able to visit more local places. to help their brains work faster. _______ 9 He’s going to tie himself down / settle down / 9 Ian thinks only a few people will have access to retire young and travel the world. these machines by 2075. _______ 10 I’d like to get involved with a charity / have a 10 Listeners can contribute more ideas via social family / have fun to help others. media. _______ Language focus Vocabulary 4 Complete the first conditional sentences with 2 Complete the sentences with the phrases in the the correct form of the words and phrases in box. (5 marks) the box. (10 marks) get a driving licence get married get old not get rich not look take some time out take up not get married live not get a driving licence 1 I always make sure I 1 People ______________________ on other ______________________ when I need a rest. planets if there is an epidemic on Earth. 2 It’s common for people in the UK to 2 I ______________________ unless I meet the ______________________ and settle down in right person. their thirties. 3 Unless I have some lessons, I 3 In the UK, you can ______________________ ________________________________. at the age of seventeen. 4 You ______________________ unless you get 4 I want to travel the world and have fun before I a job. ______________________. 5 Humans ______________________ the same if 5 You’re never too old to they adapt to conditions on another planet. ______________________ a new sport.

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