Unit 4 - Science 3 study note


Name Lesson 1 Summary Use with pp. 103–105 Lesson 1: How do living things interact? Ways Living Things Interact One Kind of Living Thing Living things in the same environment Helping Another interact with each other in different ways. Different kinds of living things interact This helps them to survive. with each other in different ways. Some living things live in groups. The A barnacle is an animal in the ocean. members of a group help each other. Some barnacles try to stick onto the skin of Sometimes one living thing helps another a whale. Many barnacles can live on one kind of living thing. For example, a large whale. The whale moves through the water. tree can be a home for a small plant. Other The barnacle opens and closes its shell to living things help each other. Insects and catch food in the water. The barnacles do flowers help each other. The insects get food not hurt the whales. The barnacles do not from the plants. The flowers get pollen. help the whales either. But the whales help the barnacles move and get food. Living in Groups Animals that live together may share Helping One Another jobs. Some animals help protect their group Sometimes living things help each other. from other animals that want to hurt them. A special moth helps the yucca plant. The Animals are safer in a group than when moth gives it pollen from another yucca they are alone. plant. The plant helps the moth. It gives it Prairie dogs live in groups. Coyotes and a place to live. It also gives it food for its eagles eat prairie dogs. Coyotes hunt on the young. The moth lays eggs in the yucca ground. Eagles hunt from the air. Prairie plant. dogs take turns to watch the opening of their Some fish also help each other. Some burrows. The prairie dog whistles if it sees small fish eat the things that live on bigger danger. The group hears the whistle. They all fish. The small fish get food from the bigger run and hide until it is safe to come out. fish. The bigger fish get clean and stay healthy. © Pearson Education, Inc. 3 28 Chapter 4, Lesson 1 Summary Quick Study

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