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Practice Name Fluency As I read, I will pay attention to my pronunciation of vocabulary words. By the 1800s, huge herds of wild horses were roaming the 10 open range. 12 Picture this: You must catch a wild animal that can run as 24 fast as a train. You must tame that wild animal by riding on its 38 back. You must teach that animal to follow your every command. 49 And you must trust that animal with your life. 58 That is exactly what cowboys did when they caught, tamed, 68 and rode wild mustangs. 72 Capturing a wild mustang was a team effort. One cowboy 82 could not do it alone. Cowboys rode together on tamed horses in 94 order to catch the wild mustangs. The cowboys used their fastest 105 and strongest horses to chase the wild mustangs. 113 When the wild mustangs were exhausted, the cowboys drove 122 them into a fenced corral. The mustangs couldn’t see the fence 133 until it was too late. Tired and thirsty from the long chase and 146 glistening with sweat, the mustangs could run no more. 155 Comprehension Check 1. What was the effect that a cowboy obtained by following these steps? Cause and Effect 2. Summarize this passage. Summarize © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill Number of Words Words Read – = Errors Correct Score First Read – = Second Read – = At Home: Help the student read the passage, paying Wild Horses 180 Grade 4/Unit 5 attention to the goal at the top of the page.

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