Unit 33 - Practice Book trang 167-169

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Practice Name Study Skill: Skim and Scan When you skim, you look quickly through a selection to find out what it is about. You look for its main idea and important details. When you scan, you run your eyes through a text looking for a specific word or phrase. You don’t read every word. Read the information below. Then answer the questions that follow. How to Scan for Information When you scan for information, follow these steps. • Identify the key words and phrases that you are looking for. • Pass your eyes over each line of print quickly. • Don’t stop until you see your key word or phrase. • Double-check to be sure that you have found the information. 1. Why would it not have been useful to skim the passage above the box? 2. If you’re looking for key words and phrases, are you skimming or scanning? 3. Which of the following is the best key word or phrase that you would use © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill for scanning? a. hammerhead b. sharks c. marine life 4. Which do you think is more useful, skimming or scanning? Explain your answer. At Home: Together, skim a passage. Discuss what the Exploring the Undersea Territory passage is about. Grade 4/Unit 5 167

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