Unit 31 - Reading comprehension worksheets

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Name It was a long way to Aunt Ruth’s house. Terry and Mary Beth started getting a little bit too loud in the back seat, so Dad said, “Girls, settle down. Be quiet and read your books.” They knew Dad meant business. Just then, Mary Beth saw a bee flying around in the car. Her eyes got big, and she ducked her head, swatting the bee away. Terry looked at her, and Mary Beth loudly whispered, “BEEEE!” Terry wanted to scream, but she knew Dad would get mad. “What are you two doing back there?” Dad asked. Just then, the bee landed on Dad’s bald head. Mary Beth knew she had to save him from getting stung, so she whopped Dad on the head with her book. Dad jerked the steering wheel, and the car ran off the road and through a fence. The cows that were in the field ran away. Later, a police officer gave Dad a ticket for reckless driving. Draw a line to match the cause to the effect. The girls got too which let the loud, so cows out. The girls saw a bee land on Dad’s bald Dad said to be quiet. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. head, so The car ran off the Mary Beth whopped road and through Dad on the head a fence with a book. 39

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