Unit 27 - Practice Book page 129-131

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Practice Name Fluency As I read, I will pay attention to my pronunciation of vocabulary words and other difficult words. The Hoover Dam brought the Colorado River under 8 control. The dam also created a reserve of water. The water 19 was used to irrigate dry farmland. It was also used as a 31 water supply by nearby cities and towns. 38 But the biggest benefit of Hoover Dam is its 47 hydroelectric power. The Hoover Dam makes a huge 55 amount of electricity. Every year it brings power to 64 1.3 million people in California, Nevada, and Arizona. 71 As an energy source, the Hoover Dam is clean and 81 cheap to run. It does not pollute the air the way fossil fuels 94 would. However, this huge dam has had some bad effects 104 on the environment. The landscape of the area will never 114 be the same. The river can no longer carry rich soil to the 127 lands it flooded. Fish and other wildlife have lost their homes. 138 But the Hoover Dam is here to stay. It is a modern 150 wonder of the United States. 155 Comprehension Check 1. How does the author persuade the reader that the Hoover Dam is helpful? Persuasion 2. Compare the effects of fossil fuels with the effects of the dam. Compare © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill and Contrast Number of Words Words Read – = Errors Correct Score First Read – = Second Read – = At Home: Help the student read the passage, paying The Power of Oil attention to the goal at the top of the page. Grade 4/Unit 4 129

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Practice Name Study Skill: Media Center You can use a search engine to find information on the Internet. Type one or more keywords that describe your topic into the search engine. Then click Search. The search results will bring up a list of Web pages that have the keywords you entered. Click a page name to see it on your computer. Look at the page of search results below. Then answer the questions that follow. SEARCH BACK FORWARD STOP REFRESH HOME PRINT 3EARCH .UCLEAR '/ 2ESULTS n OF    .UCLEAR %NERGY /UR &UTURE 4HE WORLD IS LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER TO OUR ENERGY PROBLEMS 7HY NOT GO NUCLEAR .UCLEAR POWER IS CLEAN SAFE AND EFFICIENT /NE POWER PLANT HTTPWWWNUCLEARFUTURECOM 533 .AUTILUS 4HE 533 .AUTILUS WAS THE WORLDS FIRST NUCLEAR POWERED SUBMARINE &IRST LAUNCHED IN  THE .AUTILUS WAS CAPABLE OF STAYING UNDERWATER HTTPWWWSUBMARINEENCYCLOPEDIACOMNAUTILUSHTM .UCLEAR &AMILIES 4HE #ENTER FOR THE 3TUDY OF .UCLEAR &AMILIES IS LOCATED IN LOVELY )NTERNATIONAL &ALLS 1. How many total results did the search return? 2. What was the search keyword? 3. What’s another keyword you could use to bring up more information about nuclear energy? © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill 4. What would happen if you clicked on the USS Nautilus link? 5. Where on the page would you enter more keywords for another search? At Home: Pick a topic with the student. Ask what keywords The Power of Oil 130 Grade 4/Unit 4 he or she would use to look up the topic on the Internet.

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Practice Name Vocabulary Strategy: Definitions When you’re reading, you may find words that you do not know. When this happens, look in the text for context clues. You may find words and phrases that give you the definition of an unfamiliar word. Read each sentence. Define each underlined word. Write your definition on the line and circle the context clues that helped you determine the word’s meaning. 1. We spun the globe of the world, looking for the countries of Africa. 2. You need electricity to run TVs, refrigerators, and other electrical appliances. 3. Do your parents use several fuels to create energy to heat your home? 4. Since the animals’ remains had decayed, they had broken down to the point that we couldn’t tell what they were. Now answer the following questions about each word. © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill 5. What shape is a globe? 6. Name two fuels. At Home: Read a newspaper article with the student. The Power of Oil When you come to an unfamiliar word, have the student Grade 4/Unit 4 131 look for context clues to determine the word’s meaning.