Unit 26 - Practice Book page 123-125

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Practice Name Text Feature: Glossary A glossary is like a small dictionary found at the back of a book. It lists important or difficult words found in the book in alphabetical order. The glossary gives the meanings and pronunciations of the words. Use the glossary below to answer the questions. landscape 1. The stretch of land that can be seen from a place; view. The train passengers watched the passing landscape. 2. A picture of such a view. The artist painted a landscape. Noun To make an area of land more beautiful by planting trees, shrubs, and by designing gardens. A gardener will landscape the grounds. Verb land•scape (land´ skaˉp´), noun, plural landscapes; verb landscaped, landscaping laser A device that makes a narrow but strong beam of light. A laser may be used to perform surgery, cut metal, or send messages. la•ser (laˉ´zәr) noun, plural lasers. 1. How are the glossary words arranged? 2. As what parts of speech may landscape be used? 3. How might a laser be used? © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill 4. Why wasn’t the word lantern in the glossary? At Home: Have the student write a sentence with each The Blind Hunter glossary word. Grade 4/Unit 4 123

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Practice Name Vocabulary Strategy: Word Families Word families are groups of words that all share a word root or other part. You can use what you know about one word to find out the meanings of other members of its family. For example, the word wisdom belongs to a family of words that includes kingdom and freedom. The syllable wis is related to “wise.” One meaning of the suffix -dom is “state or condition of being a certain way.” Based on this meaning of -dom, write a definition of wisdom. 1. The syllable -dom can also mean “land ruled by.” Classify kingdom, freedom, and dukedom according to which meaning of -dom they have. Land Ruled By 2. 3. State or Condition of Being 4. Fit the above words into these sentences. © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill 5. She was the loveliest lady in the . 6. We have the to vote in this country. At Home: Have the student use the words freedom, wisdom, The Blind Hunter 124 Grade 4/Unit 4 and kingdom in sentences of their own.

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Practice Name Phonics: Changing y to i When words end in a consonant + y, you do two things to add endings like -er or -ed. First you change the y to i. Then you add the ending. Change y to i and add the indicated ending to each word. Then write the new word in the blank. lazy + er 1. reply + ed 2. worry + es 3. happy + est 4. empty + er 5. family + es 6. dizzy + est 7. funny + er 8. Follow the model and write four more words. 9. 10. © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill 11. 12. At Home: Have the student find words in a magazine or The Blind Hunter newspaper article that end with a consonant + y. Have him Grade 4/Unit 4 125 or her add the endings -es, -er, and -est.