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Practice Name Text Feature: Line Graph A line graph is a good way to show how something changes over time. Points on the graph are connected by lines that make it easy to tell whether the occurrences of something increased or decreased as time passed. Look at the line graph below and answer the questions. /VNCFSPG4FBSDI%PH3FRVFTUTJO7BJM $PMPSBEP          +BO 'FC .BS "QSJM .BZ +VOF +VMZ 1. During which two months were the largest number of search dogs needed? 2. How many search dogs were needed in May? 3. In which month were 5 search dogs needed? © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill 4. Which two months had the same number of searches? 5. How many more searches were requested in January than in July? At Home: Have the student make a line graph of the number Dear Mrs. LaRue 116 Grade 4/Unit 4 of certain things in a week. For example, he or she might graph the number of letters that arrive each day.

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