Unit 23 - Razkis Assessment 1 - Dark night on the water

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Level I Benchmark Passage Dark Night on the Water Name Word Count: 109 Dark Night on the Water I once lived on a great ship on the ocean. The ship was bigger than most houses. Its white sails would shine in the light of the moon at night. One night I was making a wish on a star. As I made my wish, something came up out of the water. A great set of tentacles pulled down on the ship. I was sure those tentacles would pull us under the water. As the ship began to go under, those great tentacles let go. I still don’t know what tried to pull us into the ocean. I wish on every star I see that I never find out. © Learning A–Z All rights reserved. www.readinga-z.com

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LEVEL I Benchmark Passage Quick Check Dark Night on the Water Name Date Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. 1. What is the main problem 4. What happened as the ship in the passage? began to go under? A The ship sinks under A The tentacles pulled harder. the water. B The tentacles let go. B Tentacles grab the ship. C The tentacles splashed water. C There are stars in the night sky. 5. What does it mean to wish? 2. To what does the author A to disappear and be gone forever compare the size of the ship? a monster B to hope something A will happen B a house C to get pulled under C a star the water 3. Which two events happen at the same time? A wishing on a star and something coming out of the water B wishing on a star and tentacles letting go of the ship C wishing on a star and the ship sinking www.readinga-z.com