Unit 23 - Razkids Assessment 4 - We love bamboo

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Level I Benchmark Passage We Love Bamboo Name Word Count: 89 We Love Bamboo Bamboo is a great plant. It grows faster than most other plants. Trees take many years to grow tall. Some bamboo can grow tall in three or four months. One bamboo plant can have many stems. A few bamboo plants can grow into a whole forest. We use bamboo to make many different things. Bamboo can be used to make paper or a floor for a house. We can even use bamboo to make music. Giant pandas and other animals eat young bamboo. We can eat young bamboo, too! Images: Top: © Wxr323/Dreamstime.com; center: © Oscar Williams/Dreamstime.com; © Learning A–Z All rights reserved. bottom: © Jupiterimages Corporation www.readinga-z.com

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