Unit 23 - Razkids Assessment 3 - Giant squid

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Level I Benchmark Passage Giant Squid Name Word Count: 109 Giant Squid Giant squid live in the deep parts of the ocean. They’re called giant because they can be as long as a school bus! Giant squid have the biggest eyes of all animals. Their big eyes let them see in the dark. Giant squid also have eight arms called tentacles. To move, they suck in and push out water from their bodies. Because giant squid live in deep water, we don’t know much about them. Some people think they are monsters. They tell stories about giant squid pulling ships under the water. These stories are not true. People tell these stories because the giant squid is so big it’s scary. © Learning A–Z All rights reserved. www.readinga-z.com

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LEVEL I Benchmark Passage Quick Check Giant Squid Name Date Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. 1. How do the eyes of giant 4. Why don’t people know much squid compare to the eyes about giant squid? of other animals? A because they are very A Giant squid eyes are large animals bigger than the eyes of all other animals. B because they cannot see in the dark B Giant squid eyes are C because they live smaller than the eyes in deep water of all other animals. C Giant squid eyes are 5. What is the meaning the same color as the of the word giant? eyes of all other animals. A very big 2. Why do giant squid suck B very scary in and push out water? C very loud A to move B to see C to make noise 3. Why does the author tell about giant squid that pull ships under the water? A to make readers afraid of giant squid B to explain why ships have gone missing C to tell readers that the stories are not true © Learning A–Z All rights reserved. www.readinga-z.com