Unit 2: What's your name?

  1. English
  2. 3 Grade
  3. AvatarHana Nguyen
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Name:________________ Class:________ 1. Read and match . A. What’s your name? 1. Hi,Phong. I’m Johnny. B. How do you spell your name? 2. My name’s Jenny. C. Hello. My name’s Phong. 3. S-T-E-L-L-A. 2. Read and complete. spell name your my meet Nice is Nga: Hello Moon: Hi Nga: What’s your (1) __________? Moon: (2)________ name is Moon. Nga: Moon? How do you (3)______ your name? Moon: M-O-O-N. Nga: That’s a cool name. Moon: How about you? What’s (4)______ name? Nga: My name (5)____ Nga. Moon: Nice to (6)_______ you, Nga. Nga: (7) _____ to meet you, Moon.