Unit 2 WB page 19

  1. English
  2. 8 Grade
  3. Anabel Mañas
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WB page 19 EX1. Choose the correct option Where 1 you on Saturday? It 2 Will’s birthday and you 3 at his party. No, I 4 .I5 at home. My mum 6 there and my little sister 7 with me. 8 it a good party? Yes, it 9 . Your cousins Rachel and Maya 10 there. Where 11 they? I think they 12 at a concert. Their dad 13 in the band. He plays the guitar. EX 3 Complete the text with the correct past simple form of be, positive or negative Who 1 these famous historical inventors? Why 2 they famous? There 3 so many cool people like John Logie Baird and Alexander Graham Bell. They 4 both from Scotland. Baird 5 one of the inventors of the television. People say that Bell 6 (not) the only inventor of the telephone but he made the first phone call. 7 there any women? Well, there 8 Hedy Lamarr. She 9 (not) only a scientist, she 10 a famous actress too and she 11 also very good at maths. Hedy Lamarr’s work 12 important for the invention of Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

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EX4 COULD / COULDN’T 1. Actor Angelina Jolie (fly) a plane when she was 29. 2. Helen Keller was an American writer and teacher. She (not see) and she (not hear) but she got a university degree. 3. Isaac Asimov was a writer of science fiction books. He (write) several books at the same time. 4. Artists Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cézanne (not paint) until they were in their 20s. 5. One of the world’s best tennis players, Simona Halep (play) really well when she was only 4 years old. 6. Albert Einstein (not talk) when he was three and he (not read) when he was eight. EX5 PAST TIME EXPRESSIONS in July in the 21st century last night seven days ago the day before yesterday when I was eight 1. It was really cold last week. 2. My keys were on the kitchen table two days ago. 3. I’m now 14. I could speak English six years ago. 4. There wasn’t anything on TV yesterday at 9pm. 5. I was born in 2007. 6. My dad couldn’t use social media last summer.