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WB page 19 EX1. Choose the correct option Where 1 you on Saturday? It 2 Will’s birthday and you 3 at his party. No, I 4 .I5 at home. My mum 6 there and my little sister 7 with me. 8 it a good party? Yes, it 9 . Your cousins Rachel and Maya 10 there. Where 11 they? I think they 12 at a concert. Their dad 13 in the band. He plays the guitar. EX 3 Complete the text with the correct past simple form of be, positive or negative Who 1 these famous historical inventors? Why 2 they famous? There 3 so many cool people like John Logie Baird and Alexander Graham Bell. They 4 both from Scotland. Baird 5 one of the inventors of the television. People say that Bell 6 (not) the only inventor of the telephone but he made the first phone call. 7 there any women? Well, there 8 Hedy Lamarr. She 9 (not) only a scientist, she 10 a famous actress too and she 11 also very good at maths. Hedy Lamarr’s work 12 important for the invention of Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

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