Unit 2 standard test English plus 3

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Unit 2 Standard Test A Listening 6 good a_________________ 7 scary t_________________ 1 [1.03] Listen to the conversation and complete 8 angry f_________________ the sentences. Write two words for each sentence. (10 marks) 9 sad m_________________ 1 The durian fruit was the _____________ 10 bad a_________________ _____________ James has ever tasted. 2 He thought the fruit smelled like _____________ Language focus _____________. 3 James thinks the Eiffel Tower is _____________ 4 Write sentences with the present perfect using _____________ at night. the prompts. (10 marks) 4 James saw a red panda while he ____________ 1 I / not taste / Chinese food before _____________ Whipsnade Zoo. ____________________________________ 5 The red pandas ____________ _____________ 2 we / see / that film many times in trees. ____________________________________ 3 they / never / hear / me singing Vocabulary ____________________________________ 4 Helen / not tell me / about her party 2 Complete the text with the words in the box. (5 marks) ____________________________________ 5 John / travel to / a lot of countries with his job feel look (×2) smell taste ____________________________________ What makes a good food taster? We asked Dawn 5 Correct the mistakes in bold. Write the correct word. (5 marks) Thompson, who works for a well-known breakfast 1 Has you been to South Africa before? ______ cereal brand. She spends her days eating muesli 2 She hasn’t collect the books from the library yet. and rye breads. ‘Having a good sense of 1 ________ _________ isn’t the only skill needed for the job,’ 2 3 I have seen the new James Bond film yet. she says. ‘It’s also important that you _________ _______ closely at the food. So, for example, if the colour of 4 Has he finishing the exam? ___________ 3 the food doesn’t _________ attractive, people 5 They have went to the supermarket this won’t want to eat it. morning. _________ When we’re trying a new product, we have to think 6 Choose the correct words. (10 marks) about all of the senses. It’s like when you walk 1 A: I’ve never / ever / always ridden a horse, but 4 through the front door and can _________ I’d like to. something delicious in the kitchen, it makes you B: Really? I rode / riding / ride one last year. 5 _________ at home!’ 2 A: Have you been / Did you go / Are you going anywhere exciting recently? 3 Complete the extreme adjectives. (10 marks) B: Yes, we have been / went / go to a water 1 tasty d_________________ park last month. 2 tired e_________________ 3 A: Did you speak / Have you spoken / Are you speaking to Peter lately? 3 nice w_________________ B: No, I haven’t seen him for / ago / since last 4 horrible d_________________ Saturday. 5 interesting f_________________

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Unit 2 Standard Test A 4 A: How long have you lived / live / was living in Asia? B: I’ve lived here since / for / ago five years. Communication 5 A: I’ve never seen / saw / see an elephant. 8 Complete the conversation. (5 marks) B: I have! I have seen / see / saw one last year. 1 A: What do you f_________ doing tonight? We could go to the cinema and watch a film? Reading 2 B: That doesn’t s_________ like much fun to me. Life without smell or taste A: OK. Well, we could stay at home and order Duncan Glover lost his sense of smell after falling and pizza. hurting his head. ‘It leaves you feeling like you aren’t 3 B: C_________ we go out somewhere new? The connected to the world anymore,’ he says. new Chinese restaurant in town is very good. The loss of taste, known as ageusia, is rare, say experts. 4 Most people who think they have lost their sense of taste A: I’ve h_________ it’s a bit expensive. have actually lost their sense of smell. Smell is responsible 5 B: Why not t_________ something different? The for 80% of the flavours we taste. food there is delicious. I think you’ll enjoy it. Mary Moorefield lost her sense of smell three years ago. ‘It’s things like smelling flowers in my garden. When you can’t smell them, you realize just how much you miss it,’ she says. Writing Losing your sense of smell can be very dangerous, as Luke 9 Write an advert for a hotel. Use the plan and the Carr found out. He lost his sense of smell when he was a phrases in the box to help you. Write 80–100 child. ‘When I was at university, someone left the gas words. (10 marks) cooker turned on by mistake. When my friends returned later, I was feeling very sleepy, but they smelled it straight away,’ he said. Paragraph 1 ‘Losing your sense of smell can leave people feeling About the place: General information unhappy for much longer than people who lose their It’s one of the most … in the world. sight,’ says Professor Brian Fox. Paragraph 2 The sights, tastes, sounds and experiences: 7 Read the blog. Then complete the sentences. What you can do there? Write two words for each sentence. (10 marks) What can visitors see / eat / hear? 1 Duncan lost his sense of smell ____________ Don’t forget to try … . ____________ and hurting his head. It’s quite an experience. 2 Eighty per cent of ____________ ____________ Paragraph 3 we taste are connected to our sense of smell. Why people should visit: Why do you think it’s a wonderful place? 3 Mary Moorefield misses ____________ Why do you recommend it? ____________ in her garden. They’re (all) worth seeing. 4 When Luke Carr was _________ ____________ Look forward to … . a friend accidently left the gas cooker turned on. 5 People can ____________ ____________ after Total marks: losing their sense of smell. Listening ___ / 10 Vocabulary ___ / 15 Language focus ___ / 25 Reading ___ / 10 Communication ___ / 5 Writing ___ / 10 TOTAL ___ / 75

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