Unit 1_Test_Group_B


UNIT TEST 1 ● GROUP B Listening, Reading, Use of English Name: ____________________________________ person. It can’t be you! The facial features are all Class: ____________________________________ wrong, the skin too pale and the hair is horrific. So just why do we look different in photos to how Total: _ /50 we imagine ourselves to be? There isn’t just one reason. Firstly, people often look better early in the evening than later on. You Listening have probably just come out of the shower, 2 [Track 3] Listen to Martin and Jenny. For brushed your hair and put on your elegant clothes. sentences 1–5 choose True or False. Put a [X] in the If there was something wrong, you would do right place in the table. something about it and then admire yourself again. T F When the photos are taken, you may be tired or perhaps full after a good meal. Your hair may not 1 Jenny is surprised about look quite so good as it did. Often, when people get Martin’s possible choice of home and look in the mirror, they think: “I look college. terrible”. It’s just that, being home and alone, it 2 Jenny doesn’t think that she doesn’t matter. will lose touch with people Another reason is to do with angles. In the when she moves away. mirror, we see our nose, mouth and chin from 3 Martin thinks that Jenny above. This is more flattering than looking up from should study at the same below. We also turn slightly and smile trying to college as him. get the best look possible. Unfortunately, our 4 Jenny is very positive about friends probably aren’t as careful. Photos are taken Martin’s character. when we aren’t ready, often from the wrong 5 Jenny went out with Kevin position. You could watch carefully to see when Sampson for a long time. someone is going to take a photo and pose for it but, although the photos might look better, your /10 evening won’t be very relaxing. Finally, there is the comparison with the people around you. Why do they all look so good in Reading photos compared to you? Even those who aren’t 3 Read the text. Complete the sentences 1–5 with as attractive or slim as you? The reason is that one or two words from the text. you know exactly how they looked all evening because you could see them. There are no SELF IMAGES surprises. However, you are comparing yourself not to how you really looked but to an image of As you prepare to go out, you check yourself yourself that was in your head. An image in in the mirror. Everything looks good. The hair which your complexion is clearer, your eyes style is right, your complexion is tanned and your bigger and even your clothes are more stylish. smile could make Liam Payne jealous. Later in the evening, when friends take photos, you are happy So what can we do about it? On the one hand, to pose for the camera. The next day, however, for all the reasons above, photos of ourselves when the photos are uploaded to the Internet, will rarely please us. There’s a reason why many you are shocked. You don’t recognise that celebrities do everything they can to not be © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 3 SECOND EDITION (B1/B1+)

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