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UNIT TEST 1 ● GROUP A Listening, Reading, Use of English Name: ____________________________________ Class: ____________________________________ Reading Total: _ /50 3 Read the text. Complete the sentences 1–5 with one or two words from the text. Listening 2 [Track 3] Listen to Martin and Jenny. For SELF IMAGES sentences 1–5 choose True or False. Put a [X] in the right place in the table. As you prepare to go out, you check yourself in the mirror. Everything looks good. The hair T F style is right, your complexion is tanned and your 1 Martin is surprised that he smile could make Liam Payne jealous. Later in the will study with people that he evening, when friends take photos, you are happy knows. to pose for the camera. The next day, however, 2 Martin is worried that he will when the photos are uploaded to the Internet, lose contact with people if he you are shocked. You don’t recognise that moves away. person. It can’t be you! The facial features are all 3 Jenny agrees that Martin wrong, the skin too pale and the hair is horrific. should stay and study in his So just why do we look different in photos to how home town. we imagine ourselves to be? 4 Jenny thinks it would be hard There isn’t just one reason. Firstly, people often for Martin to make new look better early in the evening than later on. You friends. have probably just come out of the shower, 5 Jenny went out with Kevin brushed your hair and put on your elegant clothes. Sampson for a long time. If there was something wrong, you would do something about it and then admire yourself again. /10 When the photos are taken, you may be tired or perhaps full after a good meal. Your hair may not look quite so good as it did. Often, when people get home and look in the mirror, they think: ‘I look terrible’. It’s just that, being home and alone, it doesn’t matter. Another reason is to do with angles. In the mirror, we see our nose, mouth and chin from above. This is more flattering than looking up from below. We also turn slightly and smile trying to get the best look possible. Unfortunately, our friends probably aren’t as careful. Photos are taken when we aren’t ready, often from the wrong position. You could watch carefully to see when someone is going to take a photo and pose for it but, although the photos might look better, your evening won’t be very relaxing. © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 3 SECOND EDITION (B1/B1+)

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UNIT TEST 1 ● GROUP A Listening, Reading, Use of English Finally, there is the comparison with the people 1 Celia always wears strange clothes because she around you. Why do they all look so good in likes to be the centre _________ attention. photos compared to you? Even those who aren’t 2 Robert gets _________ well with his sister, but he often argues with his brother. as attractive or slim as you? The reason is that 3 It’s sad that you’ve lost touch _________ your you know exactly how they looked all evening friend from your old school. because you could see them. There are no 4 Sam doesn’t really care _________ his surprises. However, you are comparing yourself appearance. He just wants to feel comfortable. not to how you really looked but to an image of 5 My best friend is always there _________ me yourself that was in your head. An image in when I’m having problems which your complexion is clearer, your eyes /5 bigger and even your clothes are more stylish. So what can we do about it? On the one hand, 2 Complete the sentences with the missing words. for all the reasons above, photos of ourselves The first letters are given. Use the definitions in brackets to help you. will rarely please us. There’s a reason why many celebrities do everything they can to not be 0 My mum always goes for a casual (not formal) look photographed in public. On the other hand, you unless she’s attending an important meeting. should remember that your friends feel exactly 1 Ted is so r________________ (against rules) that the same. So, when they look at photos of you, he does exactly the opposite of what his parents they will be as jealous of you as you are of would like. 2 I always feel happy and c________________ them. Take comfort from that but maybe avoid (without worries) during the summer holidays looking at photos taken of you which appear on because I don’t have to think about schoolwork. other people’s social networking pages. 3 James is so open and friendly that you can tell he feels c________________ (relaxed and confident) in his own skin. 1 The article says that people ________________ 4 Winning that prize at such a young age is quite an _______________ when they realise what they a________________ (something difficult which looked like the night before. has been done successfully). 5 Celia seems like a s_______________ (not deep or 2 When we are home alone, it ________________ serious) person because she’s always laughing, but _______________ if we look good or bad. actually she thinks about very serious issues. 3 Our facial features look more flattering when we look at them _____________________________. /5 4 The way you look in photos is different to the way you look in __________________________. Grammar 5 According to the article we should ___________ _____________________ at photos of us which 3 Choose the correct option. are uploaded online. 0 I am believing / believe that fashion and design play an important role in our lives. /10 1 Are you looking / Do you look for anything in particular? Vocabulary 2 Susan is having / has all five albums recorded by 1 Complete the sentences with the missing this pop group from South London. prepositions. 3 I think / am thinking about going to the Shakespeare festival this year. 0 Why don't you try these trousers on? The changing rooms are over there. © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 3 SECOND EDITION (B1/B1+)

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UNIT TEST 1 ● GROUP A Listening, Reading, Use of English 4 You are looking / look really stupid in this hat – 0 A make B do C take it's much too big. 5 I'm not sure if they are having / have a good time 1 A do you think about B are you thinking of at the festival this time. C have you thought /5 2 A unacceptable B successful C able 3 A go B have gone C have been going 4 A easy-going B vain C shallow 4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of 5 A waistcoat B fleece C bangle the words in brackets. Use the Present Perfect Simple or Continuous. /5 0 It has been snowing (snow) heavily since we left home. 6 Choose the correct option. 1 They _______________________ (sell) the best works of art here for almost a century. 0 X: I’m sure you’ll love Tracy. She’s great fun. 2 Our readers _______________________ (send) a Y: I know, I’ve met her before. She’s got a great B lot of questions to the invited guest, and the final of humour. day to send your questions was yesterday. A taste B sense C feeling 3 My family _______________________ (have) this painting for many generations. 1 X: Are you ready to go to the station? 4 Annie ___________________________ (not / Y: I __ for three hours, but I still have too many meet) her new neighbours yet. things! 5 How long _______________________ (you / A have packed B have been packing study) at the Art College? C am packing /5 2 X: Aren't you going to invite Mark to your birthday party? Y: No, I _____with him a couple of weeks ago. Use of English A fell out B hung out 5 Choose the correct option, A, B, C or D to complete C looked after the text. 3 X: What does the photo _____? MUSIC FESTIVALS Y: Some people at the shopping centre. The summer is almost here and it's time to 0 A some A seem B look C show holiday plans. What 1______ music festivals? Do you enjoy them? Maybe you could go to one this summer? 4 X: I prefer _____ clothes when I’m travelling. If your search for reasonably priced tickets is 2_____, you Y: I agree. You can wash them and wear them in can attend a lot of different performances and have a a couple of hours. great time. A short-sleeved B cutting-edge C fast-drying If you decide to attend a festival, make sure you take a friend with you. I 3______ to music festivals for five years 5 X: John, is the final report ready? now and I can assure you that the people there are 4 Y: Yes! I _____ it on your desk, sir. Haven’t you usually friendly, relaxed and ______, so even if you go seen it? alone, you are bound to make some friends. A have put B am putting Do be prepared for all kinds of weather as it can change C have been putting 5 lot during a festival. Take a ______ in case it gets cold /5 the evening, and definitely wear shoes that will keep your feet dry. © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 3 SECOND EDITION (B1/B1+)