Unit 19 passive or active

  1. English
  2. Елена Гимазова
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Unit 19 Passive or Active Name: 1. Films ______________ in 5. Leonardo da Vinci Hollywood. ________Mona Lisa. A are made A painted B were made B was painted C made C paints 2. English____________in Australia. 6. Gold _______ under the ground. A speaks A found C finds B is spoken B is found C was spoken 7. Christopher Columbus 3. J.K.Rowling ___________Harry __________America. Potter. A discovered A wrote B is discovered B writes C was discovered C was written 8. The Chinese emperor _______ 4. The airplane _______ by the with clay soldiers. Wright brothers A buried A invented B is buried B is invented C was buried C was invented 9. A lot of rice ________ in China. A is C grow grown B grew wordwall.net/print/1877485/unit-19-passive-or-active