Unit 18 - Treasures Practice Book 0 page 102-104

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Practice Name Vocabulary A. Write words from the box to complete the story. hopeful unable confirm ancient valid Sasha found a little bone in her yard. The bone was covered in dirt as if it had been there for many years. It looked . Maybe it was a dinosaur bone! Sasha was excited and about this idea. “Let’s try to what it is,” Dad said. They looked at pictures in dinosaur books. They tried and tried but were to find a bone that looked like the one Sasha had found. Sasha still thought it was a dinosaur bone. Dad said, “Your idea might be . Or maybe you found a chicken bone from a picnic last summer!” B. Use a word from the box to add another © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill sentence to the story. Meet the Super Croc 102 Book 2.1/Unit 3

Drop the words to complete the story
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Practice Comprehension: Name Man Idea and Details Chart As you read Meet the Super Croc, fill in the Main Idea and Details Chart. Detail Main Idea Detail Detail © Macmillan/McGraw-Hill How does the information you wrote in this Main Idea and Details Chart help you to better understand Meet the Super Croc? At Home: Have your child use the chart to retell the story. Meet the Super Croc Book 2.1/Unit 3 103

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Practice Name Comprehension: Main Idea and Details The main idea is the most important idea in a story. Details give more information about the main idea. Read the passage. Then follow the directions. Spiders can grow new legs if their legs get hurt or lost. Lizards can grow new tails. Sharks lose thousands of teeth in their lives, but don’t worry, they also grow thousands of new ones. These are just a few of many animals that can grow new parts. 1. What is the main idea of this paragraph? a. Some animals can grow whole new animals. b. Some animals lose thousands of teeth. c. Some animals can grow new body parts. 2. Choose two details that tell about the main idea. a. Lizards can grow new tails. b. There are other animals that can grow whole new animals from body parts. c. Spiders can grow new legs. 3. Choose one detail that does not tell about the main idea. a. Sharks lose thousands of teeth but can grow them back. © Macmillan/McGraw-Hill b. If a spider loses a leg, it can grow it back. c. Whole animals can sometimes grow from a part of another animal. 4. Write a good title for this passage. At Home: Have your child make up two or more supporting Meet the Super Croc 104 Book 2.1/Unit 3 details to tell about the main idea of the paragraph.