Unit 13 - Treasures Practice Book 0 page 76-78

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Practice Name Vocabulary Choose a word from the box to match the group of clues that best describe its meaning. uniform coach starting tryouts practices imaginary 1. This word means events where people show their skills to gain a place on a team or in a play. 2. This is a word for a person who helps others improve their skills. 3. This is a word for events where people do the same skills over and over to try to get better at them. 4. This word describes pictures or ideas that a person might make up in his or her mind. It describes things you can’t actually touch. 5. This word can mean a type of clothing worn by people on the © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill same team or who do the same job. 6. Players who get to play first in a game are described by this word. At Home: Help your child make up sentences for each of the There’s Nothing Like Baseball 76 Book 2.1/Unit 2 vocabulary words above.

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