Unit 11 - Treasures Practice Book 0 page 68-70

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Practice Name Vocabulary A. Write the word from the box that matches each clue. peered giggled snuggled fluttered vanished recognized 1. This word means “held something close” or “cuddled.” 2. This word means “disappeared” or “went out of sight.” 3. This word means “laughed in a silly way.” 4. This word means “knew by sight.” 5. This word means “flew with quick flapping movements.” 6. This word means “looked closely.” © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill B. Choose two words from the box. Then write a sentence for each word that you chose on the lines. Farfallina & Marcel 68 Book 2.1/Unit 2

Drop the word that matches each clue
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Practice Name Comprehension: Inferences Chart As you read Farfallina & Marcel, fill in the Inferences Chart. What I Read What I Know Inferences © Macmillan/McGraw-Hill How does the information you wrote in this Inferences Chart help you to better understand Farfallina and Marcel? At Home: Have your child use the chart to retell the story. Farfallina & Marcel Book 2.1/Unit 2 69

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Practice Name Comprehension: Make Inferences When you make inferences, you use what you already know and what you have read to figure out something about a story. Read each set of sentences. Then answer each question to make an inference. 1. The kittens met Mary at the door. Then they ran over to their food bowls and meowed loudly. What do the kittens want? 2. Ty stored his shorts, T-shirts, and bathing suit in a chest. He took out his sweaters and long pants. What time of year is it? 3. All the kids lined up. Max yelled, “Go!” Everyone ran fast. Amy won. “That’s my sister, Amy!” Max yelled. How does Max feel about his sister? 4. Janet sneezed. Then she coughed. Dad felt her forehead. “You feel hot. I think you better go back to bed.” © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill How is Janet feeling? 5. Mr. Night milked the cows. Then he gathered eggs from the hen house. After that he plowed the fields and planted the corn. Where does Mr. Night work? At Home: Encourage your child to make another inference Farfallina & Marcel 70 Book 2.1/Unit 2 for each story.