Unit 10 - Treasures Practice Book 0 page 60-62

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Practice Name Vocabulary Choose a word from the box to complete the letter. serious broken personal informs heal Dear María, I have big news! I fell next to the pool at camp and now I have a arm. The fall was very , but the doctors told me I will quickly. My family came for a visit as soon as they found out. They got here in just a few hours. When a kid is hurt, the hospital always parents right away. The camp let me have a day so I could visit with my family. I am staying at camp until it is over, but no more swimming for me! Let me know how you are. Your friend always, Ricky © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill Choose one of the words from the box to write a P.S. to the letter. P.S.: A Trip to the Emergency Room 60 Book 2.1/Unit 2

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