Unit 1 standard test b

  1. English
  2. Mariana Petkova
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Unit 1 Standard test B 4 Write the opposites of the adjectives. (5 marks) Listening 1 safe ________ 1 [1.02] Listen to the conversation. Write true or 2 pretty ________ false. (5 marks) 3 dirty ________ 1 Alison lives in a house in Sunley. ________ 4 quiet ________ 2 Alison likes Sunley, but she prefers London. 5 friendly ________ ________ 3 There are two cinemas in Sunley. ________ Language focus 4 There aren’t any good shops in Sunley. ________ 5 Sunley is more exciting than London. ________ 5 Choose the correct answers. (5 marks) 1 Is there a sports centre in this area? 2 [1.02] Listen again. Complete the sentences. No, there ____. (5 marks) a isn’t b is c aren’t 1 The people in Sunley are ________. 2 ____ many flats are there in this building? 2 It’s ________ minutes from Sunley to London by a Are b What c How train. 3 Are there ____ cafés in your street? 3 The streets in Sunley are ________ than the a any b a c the streets in London. 4 How many students ____ there in your class? 4 There’s a ________ sports centre in Sunley. a is b be c are 5 The shops in London are ________ than the 5 ____ a cinema in your town? shops in Sunley. a There is b Is there c Are there 6 Order the words to make questions. (10 marks) Vocabulary 1 a / is / library / there 3 Read the definitions of places. Then write the __________________________________? words. (10 marks) 2 good / any / there / are / restaurants 1 Young people study here. s________ __________________________________? 2 You can watch a film here. c________ 3 any / are / pools / there / swimming 3 This is a good place to swim or play tennis. __________________________________? s________ c________ 4 many / there / how / are / people 4 You can have a meal here. r________ __________________________________? 5 You can go to this place to see actors. t________ 5 old / an / there / monument / is 6 There are a lot of books here. l________ __________________________________? 7 You can buy food and clothes here. m________ 8 You can drink coffee here with your friends. 7 Write sentences. Use the comparative form of the adjectives. (10 marks) c________ 9 This is a road in a city, with shops, cars and the bus / slow / the train buses. s________ The bus is slower than the train. 10 This is a pretty place with trees and plants. 1 your phone / expensive / my phone p________ __________________________________ 2 our new flat / modern / our old flat __________________________________

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Unit 1 Standard test B 3 Brazil / hot / the UK __________________________________ Speaking 4 the park / quiet / the street __________________________________ 9 Complete the conversation with the words. (10 marks) 5 the shopping centre / noisy / the library __________________________________ on map around near thanks excuse by welcome how we’re Reading 1 2 A ________ me. Are we ________ the bus station 8 Read the students’ descriptions of their here? favourite places. Then complete the sentences 3 B Have you got a ________? Yes, look, ________ 4 using one, two, three or four words. (10 marks) here and the bus station is in Old Street. Lisa My favourite place is Brighton. It’s a small 5 A Oh, OK. ________ far is it from here? city – it’s smaller than London – but there are a lot 6 of exciting places for young people. A lot of students B It’s about five minutes ________ bus. live in the city. It’s very friendly. There’s a nice A Right, thanks. And is there a restaurant beach, too, and it’s only five minutes on foot from 7 ________ here? the city centre. B No, but there’s one in the shopping centre. Bob Glasgow, in Scotland, is my favourite place. 8 That’s two minutes ________ foot from here. Edinburgh is prettier than Glasgow, and it’s more 9 popular with tourists, but I think Glasgow is more A That’s great. ________ for your help. 10 interesting. There are some fantastic modern B You’re ________. buildings in Glasgow. There aren’t any beaches, but there are some nice parks. Karen Cardiff is my favourite city. It’s the capital city Writing of Wales. There’s a beautiful castle in the city centre. Parts of the castle are more than 800 years 10 Write a description of your favourite street in old! Cardiff is a great place for music – some great your town or city. Use the questions to help you. bands come from Cardiff. There are a lot of good Write 60–80 words. (10 marks) theatres there, too. Paragraph 1: What’s the name of the street? Where is 1 London ____________________ than Brighton. it? How far is it from your home? 2 There are ____________________ students in Paragraph 2: What shops are there in the street? Are Brighton. there any cafés or restaurants? Are there any 3 Bob thinks Glasgow ____________________ interesting buildings? Edinburgh. 4 ____________________ beaches in Glasgow. Paragraph 3: Is there a sports centre or a swimming 5 Cardiff castle is in the ____________________ of pool? Are there any places for young people? the city Total marks: Listening _______ / 10 Vocabulary _______ / 15 Language focus _______ / 25 Reading _______ / 10 Speaking _______ / 10 Writing _______ / 10 TOTAL _______ / 80