Unit 1 - Treasure Practice Book 0 page 2-4

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Practice Name Vocabulary A. Choose a word from the box to finish each sentence. Write the word on the line. carefully different excited groan tomorrow whisper 1. Tigers are from lions because they have stripes. 2. Karen had to when she talked in the library. 3. Emily was to start school. 4. We are going on a field trip . 5. Juan cut out the small pieces of paper. 6. I heard Taylor when he finished the race. B. Choose two words from the box. Then use each word in a sentence to tell about your first day of school. Write the sentences on the lines below. © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill 7. 8. David’s New Friends 2 Book 2.1/Unit 1

Drag and drop words in the box to finish sentences.
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Practice Comprehension: Name Character and Setting Chart As you read David’s New Friends, fill in the Character and Setting Chart. Character Setting Little Red Hen plants wheat; no one helps. © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill How does the information you wrote in this Character and Setting Chart help you analyze story structure in David’s New Friends? At Home: Have your child use the chart to retell the story. David’s New Friends Book 2.1/Unit 1 3

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Practice Name Comprehension: Character and Setting The characters are the people or animals in a story. The setting is where and when a story happens. Read the passage below. Then write the answers to each question on the line. It was the first day of school. Tim was worried. He saw the large playground and lots of children. He wondered if he would make new friends. When Tim heard the bell ring, he walked to his classroom. He sat at a desk next to a boy named Rob. Rob asked Tim if he would like to be friends. Tim was excited to have a new friend. 1. Who are the characters in the passage? 2. What is each character like? 3. What is the setting of this passage? © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill 4. Write two sentences about your first day of school. At Home: Have your child write a short story with a David’s New Friends 4 Book 2.1/Unit 1 character and a setting.