Unit 07. Conversation Practice. Nature - B2 outcomes

  1. World Languages
  2. Zhenia Kostenko
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OUTCOMES UPPER-INTERMEDIATE VIDEO WORKSHEET 07 NATURE WATCH A Watch the video. Write what you hear about the extreme weather each person experienced and what its results were. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ B Watch the video again. Why were each of the following things mentioned? Barcelona _______________________________________________________________ circling in the sky _________________________________________________________ holding hands ____________________________________________________________ thunder and lightning ______________________________________________________ boilers __________________________________________________________________ two weeks ______________________________________________________________ 48 hours ________________________________________________________________ car engines ______________________________________________________________ C Compare your ideas with a partner. D Look at the video script. What are the missing words? E Watch again and check your answers. PRACTISE PRONUNCIATION A Practise the conversation in pairs. B Which words or phrases are difficult for you? Tell a partner. C Watch again and listen to the words / phrases that are difficult to say. Ask your teacher to stop the video. Repeat the word(s) / phrases. D In pairs, practise reading the dialogue again. KARAOKE Watch the karaoke version and look at the video script. Act out the karaoke lines in italics. Photocopiable © 2014 National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning 1

Hold and speak
Hold and speak
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OUTCOMES UPPER-INTERMEDIATE VIDEO WORKSHEET VIDEO SCRIPT Julia So, have you ever experienced any extreme weather? Alexander Back home, not really. We’re very lucky with that usually, but a few years ago I was flying from Barcelona to London, where I was studying, and it was so incredibly windy 1 ____________________________________________ . Julia Seriously? Because of the wind? So what happened? Alexander Oh, it was terrifying. Really, really scary. The pilot was trying to land, but couldn’t and the whole plane was shaking like this, like the plane was going to 2 ____________________________________________ . We all thought we were going to die. And we were only able to land 3___________________________________________ . Julia So until then you were just circling in the sky, like this? Alexander Yes. It was horrible. I was 4____________________________________________ ! I mean, thinking about it today, it’s funny, but at the time ... Julia I bet! So how were the other passengers reacting? Were they screaming? Alexander Yes! You could hear people 5____________________________________________ and you could see them holding hands. Julia Woah! Alexander And then, after we’d landed, it was really, really windy 6 ____________________________________________ . Julia Was it raining as well? Alexander No, no. No rain, no thunder, no lightning. Just very, very windy! Julia You’ve scared me away from flying, you know! Alexander Sorry. Julia Anyway, that reminds me of what happened in my hometown last winter. Alexander Really? What happened? Julia We just had a really bad winter. It 7____________________________________________ , more or less, at night and lots of people lost all their heating because their boilers broke down and the same thing happened with electricity. Some people were living for maybe two weeks in their homes without anything! Alexander I can’t imagine this! I would die. Really! Julia We had this freezing weather for maybe two weeks, then 8 ____________________________________________ , but then we got snow. 48 hours of non-stop snow. We had problems with transport and some of the schools had to be closed. Alexander How much snow was there? Julia In my town, maybe 30 or 40 centimetres, but enough to stop the buses in the city. It was worse in the north. I saw a man on TV who 9 ____________________________________________ from his front door to get out of the house in some village near the mountains. Alexander This is one problem we really don’t have in my city! Julia And I had to go to work, because my office was open all the time, but I just had this big problem with my car because I couldn’t fire the engine. I don’t know the word. How to make the car start working. Anyway, I couldn’t start my car so every morning my husband had to start my car from his car’s engine and we were always late, but at least my daughter had a great time playing in the snow! Alexander You must need very special clothes for this kind of weather. Julia Yes, but we could have worn anything and 10 ____________________________________________ . You couldn’t be out in the fresh air for longer than 30 minutes because you would be frozen and your feet start to hurt. Photocopiable © 2014 National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning 2