Unit 02 Outcomes Pre - SHops

  1. World Languages
  2. Zhenia Kostenko
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OUTCOMES PRE-INTERMEDIATE VIDEO WORKSHEET UNIT 2 SHOPS WATCH A Watch the video. Write what you hear about the following. Charlotte’s top ________________________________________________________ Alejandro’s watch ________________________________________________________ Chen’s boots ________________________________________________________ Julia’s shirt ________________________________________________________ B Compare your ideas with a partner. C Look at the video script. What are the missing words? D Watch again and check your answers. PRACTISE PRONUNCIATION A Practise the conversations in pairs. B Which words or phrases are difficult for you? Tell a partner. C Watch again and listen to the words / phrases that are difficult to say. Ask your teacher to stop the video. Repeat the word(s) / phrases. D In pairs, practise reading the dialogue again. KARAOKE Watch the karaoke version and look at the video script. Act out the karaoke lines in italics. Photocopiable © 2014 National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning 1

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OUTCOMES PRE-INTERMEDIATE VIDEO WORKSHEET VIDEO SCRIPT Conversation 1 Jack Hi, Charlotte. I like your top. 1 ____________________________________________ ? Charlotte No, no. It’s not. Jack How long have you had it? Charlotte A long time. Maybe one year. Jack Well, it 2____________________________________________ . You look lovely! Charlotte Thank you! Jack OK, see you. Conversation 2 Alejandro Madeline! Ooo … I like your shoes. Madeline Oh, yes. Thank you. I like your ... um ... watch. Where did you get it? Alejandro This? Oh, it was a present. My father 3 ____________________________________________ . Madeline Birthday? Alejandro Yes. When I was 21. Madeline It’s a 4____________________________________________ . Alejandro Yes, it is. Anyway, bye. Madeline Bye. Conversation 3 Nicci Hi Chen. That’s a nice ... No, those are nice boots. Where did you get them? Chen In China. In my city. Nicci Oh. Were they 5____________________________________________ ? Chen No, quite cheap. They cost maybe only £10 in English money. Nicci Well, they’re cool. I like them. Chen Thank you! Bye. Conversation 4 Alexander Julia! I like your watch. Julia Thank you. Alexander And that’s a nice shirt. Julia Thank you. It’s Swedish! It’s very good quality. Alexander Where did you get it from? Julia From a shop in my hometown. They have a 6 ____________________________________________ . Alexander Well, it’s nice. It suits you. Photocopiable © 2014 National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning 2