Typhoons Q2W6 learning tasks 1-4 HAWTHORN

  1. Natural Science
  2. 8 Grade
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NAME: Learning Task 1: Analyze and give an interpretation about each picture below. Write your answers in your answer sheet. 1. Damage caused by the typhoon. 2. It is a super typhoon, with its eye. 3. This is where the LPA forms. 4. The water is going up with the clouds so the clouds become heavier. Learning Task 2: Study and answer the questions below. Write your answers in a separate sheet of paper. 1. What are the different typhoon categories and their relationship to their speed and extent of damage? 2. When do you consider that a typhoon will enter or affect the country?

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Learning Task 3: Shown below are the tracks (paths) of four tropical cyclones that entered the PAR in the past years. The tracks were plotted by PAGASA. Study and analyze the maps. Guide Questions 1. Where did the tropical cyclone form? On land or in the ocean? 2. What can you tell about the track of the typhoon in 2003-2004? 3. In what direction did the tropical cyclone move? 4. Which part of the Philippines was hit by the four tropical cyclones? 5. In the case of Agaton, Yoyong, and Huaning, where did they die out? Near land or in the middle of the ocean?

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Learning Task :4 Give the precautionary measures before, during and after the typhoon by filling the three columns. Do this in your answer sheet. Before During After