Unit 4 - Treasures Practice Book 0 page 26-28

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Practice Name Vocabulary Choose a word from the box to complete each sentence. Then write the word on the line. signing cultures relatives language celebrate deaf 1. My came over for a family dinner. 2. Jenny is taking a French class to learn a different . 3. Lily wants to her birthday at the park. 4. Lana can’t hear. She goes to a school for the . 5. Aunt Tina travels all around the world to meet people from © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill different . 6. Randy’s parents are talking with their hands. They are . 26 Meet Rosina • Book 2.1/Unit 1

Drop the words to complete sentences
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Practice Comprehension: Name Main Idea and Details Web As you read Meet Rosina, fill in the Main Idea and Details Web. Detail Detail Detail Main Idea Detail Detail Detail © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill How does the information you wrote in this Main Idea and Details Web help you summarize Meet Rosina? At Home: Have your child use the chart to retell the story. Meet Rosina • Book 2.1/Unit 1 27

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Practice Name Comprehension: Main Idea and Details Read the passage. Circle the word or group of words that complete each sentence. Then write the answers on the lines. Jack likes baseball. He plays every day after school. He also plays on weekends. Jack likes first base best. He plays first base for the town team. He reads books about baseball. In the summer he plays ball at sports camp. Jack wants to be a baseball player when he grows up. 1. The story is all about . a. Jack b. how to play baseball c. sports camp 2. After school, Jack . a. watches TV b. goes to camp c. plays baseball 3. Jack likes best. a. reading about baseball b. playing first base © Macmillan /McGraw-Hill c. playing second base 4. When he grows up, Jack wants to be a . a. baseball player b. baseball coach c. sports writer At Home: Ask your child: If this story were about you and what 28 Meet Rosina • Book 2.1/Unit 1 you like, what would it be all about? Have your child dictate his or her story to you. Then have your child identify the main idea.