To be (A1)

  1. English
  2. By Daria Sobol
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To be (Present)

Выберите правильную форму глагола to be в настоящем времени (am, is, are).

They _ my friends.

She _ my daugther.

I _ so hungry.

He _ very friendly.

We _ lost.

It _really helpful.

You _ wrong.

You _ so nice.

He _ very smart.

Напишите сокращенную форму глагола to be.

I am a student.

She is very clumsy.

It is too late.

He is at home today.

You are so tall.

They are married.

Напишите отрицание с глаголом to be. Постарайтесь использовать сокращенную форму.

Напишите сокращенную форму с глаголом to be

I _ _ French, I'm Spanish.

Kate _ _ in my class. 

Rock _ _ my favourite music.

Jane and Mike _ _ friends.

They _ _ at home, they're at work.

This _ _ our dog.

It _ _ hot today.

Winter _ _ my favourite season.

We _ _ tired.

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания.

  • Monika is a teacher. She is 25 years old. Monika is from USA.

  • James is a driver. He is 30 years old. He is from German.

  • Kate and Julia are students. Kate is 15 years old and Julia is 17 years old. They are from England.

Дополните вопросы, используя глагол to be.

_ Monika a teacher? - Yes, she is.

_ James from USA? - No, he is not.

_ Kate 17 years old? - No, she is not.

_ Kate and Julis students? - Yes, they are.

_ Kate and Julis from German? - No, they are not.

Напишите ответы, используя to be.

Is Kate from England?

Is James a student?

Are Kate and Julia from England?

Is James 34 years old?

Are Kate and Julia teachers?

To be (Past)

Выберите правильную форму глагола to be в прошедшем времени (was,were).

They _ successful.

She _ my best friend.

I _ very tired.

I _ happy.

We _ shocked.

It _ too boring.

You _ right.

You _ so busy.

He _ sad.

Напишите сокращенную форму глагола to be.

I was not at home yesterday.

She was not pretty.

It was not cold outside.

We were not surprised.

You were not polite.

They were not a couple.

To be (Future)

Переведите, используя to be в будущем времени (will be).

Я буду счастлив.

Они будут друзьями.

Она будет красивой.

Мы будем правы.

Ты будешь грустным.

Он будет высоким.

To be (Future)

Выберите правильную форму to be.

Your friend _ very clumsy. - Твой друг очень неуклюжий.

The cat _ ill, but he _ okay now. - Кот был болен, но сейчас он в порядке.

My family _ happy. - Моя семья будет счастлива.

Her daughter _ rude. - Её дочь была грубой.

Students _ wrong, and the teacher _ right. - Ученики были неправы, а учитель был прав.

We _ scared. - Мы были напуганы.

My dog _ very dangerous. - Моя собака очень опасна.

That cake _ tasty. -Тот пирог был вкусным.

_ you at home yesterday? - Ты был дома вчера?

_ we alone? - Мы одни?

I _ at home tomorrow. - Я не буду завтра дома.

I _ rich. - Я буду богата.

This joke _ very funnny! - Эта шутка очень смешная!

They _ with her that evening. - Они были с ней в тот вечер.

I _ very nice. - Я очень милый.