TLE ST2 Q2; SY:2021-22

  1. Computers
  2. 10 Grade
  3. Joel Galvez
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ST2_Q2 2nd SUMMATIVE TEST Date of Submission: SY: 2021-2022 TLE-ICT_Computer Systems Servicing 10 JANUARY 03, 2022 Name: ____________________________________________________ Grade & Section: _____________________ Parent Name & Sig.: __________________________________________ Score: ______________________ MELC: Install Operating System (OS) in accordance with established installation procedures and to comply with end- user requirements. (TLE_IACSS9-12ICCS-IIa-j-30) Directions: Read the questions carefully. Write the letter of your correct answers in the space provided. ___ 1. What type of software that works behind the scene and without user intervention in most situations perform other tasks? A. Application Software B. Programming Software C. System Software D. Utility Software ___ 2. What is the most important software that runs on a computer? A. Anti-Virus B. Device Driver C. Operating System D. Utility Software ___ 3. What is the program allowing a particular hardware device to work and communicate with the computer system? A. Anti-Virus B. Device Driver C. Operating System D. Utility Software ___ 4. What is the program that performs maintenance tasks for the computer’s resources, such as clean up and organizing files and programs so they would load and work faster? A. Anti-Virus B. Device Driver C. Operating System D. Utility Software ___ 5. What program designed to detect, identify, and remove a computer viruses and other malicious software from the computer? A. Anti-Virus B. Device Driver C. Operating System D. Utility Software ___ 6. They are known as the physical, touchable, electronic and mechanical parts of the computer. Which of the following describes in the statement? A. Hardware B. Mouse C. Printer D. Software PARAOIR NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Balaoan, La Union

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___ 7. Which of the following steps happen after Windows has finished Copying Windows files? A. Completing Installation B. Expanding Windows files C. Installing Features D. Installing Updates ___ 8. This is what you call as drive’s storage space where you can divide it into segments. Which of the following being described in the statement? A. License Terms B. Password C. Partition D. Product Key ___ 9. Which of the following is not a computer peripheral? A. Device Driver B. Keyboard C. Mouse D. Printer ___ 10. Which of the following is not included from the additional software that you can install to your printer? A. Photo editor B. Printer Connection C. Printer Event Manager D. Scanner Software ___ 11. If you do not have a CD installer of a printer, where else can you get an installer? A. Blank flash drive B. Newly bought PC C. Printer website D. Sari-sari store ___ 12. Which button will you click if you wanted to create an additional partition during the installation? A. Drive Options (advanced) B. Format C. Load Driver D. Next ___ 13. Where do we typically install the operating system? A. Drive C B. DVD C. External Drive D. Flash Drive ___ 14. What is the ability of common devices such as mouse and keyboard wherein once they get connected to the computer they are automatically installed and can be used right away? A. Plug & Load B. Plug & Play C. Pull & Play D. Pull & Plug ___ 15. Why do we need to print a test page? A. To empty the ink tank B. To test if the printer is on C. To test the quality of print D. To use a blank bond paper PARAOIR NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Balaoan, La Union

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___ 16. Why do you need to accept the terms and conditions set by the software to install it? A. So that the company can ask for money. B. So that you can learn how the device works. C. So that you can proceed with the installation. D. So that you can get away with criminal liabilities. ___ 17. Suppose that you will install Windows 7 on a system with more than one partition, what important process should be done? A. Delete all partitions B. Install windows in two partitions. C. Delete all the data and files on all partitions D. Select the partition where you want windows to be installed. ___ 18. What would NOT happen when the Set Up Windows asks for a Product Key and chose to skip it by clicking Next? A. Windows will ask for product key later. B. Windows will generate its own product key. C. Windows will proceed to Windows Updates Set Up. D. Windows will run for only 30 days as a trial version. ___ 19. If it is your first time to unbox the printer, what should you do best to ensure its proper installation? A. Read the user manual B. Listen to anyone’s advice. C. Don’t touch the printer at all. D. Experiment and discover by your own. ___ 20. From the selection of Software Installation, what could be the reason why we would choose the option Re-install the essential software. A. Install a different device B. Re-install the scanner application only. C. Install additional printing and scanning applications. D. Re-install software and change the Printer’s connection settings Prepared by: Checked by: Noted: JOEL N. GALVEZ RUBIROSA T. GONZALES JOEY O. NIGOS Teacher III Head Teacher IV Principal I PARAOIR NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Balaoan, La Union