There is and There are


Practice grammar: there is, there are. Worksheet was created for ESL classes.

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Name: ________________________ Dat e:_________________________ Ther eis/Ther ear e Compl etet hesent encewi thi sorar e a)Ther e______25st udent sint hecl ass. b)Ther e______ahospi t ali ntheci tycent re. c)Ther e______abi gsuper mar ketnearmyhouse. d)Ther e______t wot eacher sint her oom. e)Ther e______12songsont hisCD. f )Ther e______agoodf il m onTVt oni ght . g)Ther e______hi sfr iends. h)Ther e______yourmobi l ephone. i )Ther e______acomput erandaTVi nmyr oom. j )Ther e______sevenbooksi nmybag. k)Ther e______nohomewor ktoday . Fi lli nthegapsusi ngTher eis,Ther ear e,Ar ether eorI sther e 1)_____________abi gki tcheni nmyf lat . 2)_____________ t wobedr oomsi nmyhouse. 3)_____________abookcasei nyourr oom? 4)_____________achai r,adeskandawar drobebyt hewi ndow. 5)_____________t hreef l oor sinyourhouse? 6)_____________al i vingr oom andadi ningr oom i nmyf lat . 7)_____________f ivechai rsatt het abl e. 8)_____________abookshel font hewal l ? 9)_____________manyboxesundert het abl e? 10)_____________abedandawar drobebet weent hechai rs. 1 1)_____________anewcar petont hef loor ? 12)_____________anewcar petandanol dcar petont hef loor .