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In this reading comprehension practice worksheet, students read a brief article on the topic of going to university and practice a variety of reading skills that include recognising main ideas, and scanning to locate and identify information.

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READING COMPREHENSION WORKSHEETS, ACTIVITIE S & GA ME S The Value of a University Degree d. There is some debate as to whether a university degree is needed to land a job, and there are certainly jobs that you can get without a university degree. However, there are many reasons that a university degree can give you an edge in the job market. More and more entry-level jobs will require a university degree. According to Georgetown University’s Centre on Education and the Workforce, in 2020, 35% of jobs will require a university degree. A credential from a university still provides assurance that a student has mastered the material. Would you trust a doctor who never went to medical school to do open-heart surgery on a close relative? University provides an opportunity to develop much-needed soft skills in demand by employers. These include critical thinking/problem solving, oral/written communication, and professionalism/work ethic, to name just a few. e. There are few occasions that will provide you the opportunity to develop all of these skills in a low-stakes environment. You will learn all of this and more in university. If you find yourself asking the question "What does this course have to do with my major?" or "Why do I have to take that?" challenge yourself to learn more about the course and look for connections between the content and your larger educational, career, and life goals. Adapted from: Download for free at D. Match the paragraph headings 1-5 with the paragraphs a-e. 1. Added bonuses ...... 2. Make the connection ...... 3. You can bank on it ...... 4. Unchanged opportunity ...... 5. Market appeal ...... E. Label the statements as either T (true), F (false), or NG (not given), according to the information given in the text. 1. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg do not recommend people go to university. ...... 2. Typically, university degrees are not really that expensive. ...... 3. Some people doubt the value of a university degree. ...... 4. Many students question the relevance of content in their courses. ...... F. Answer the questions below by choosing the correct option a-c. 1. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are mentioned in the article to... a. show that having a university degree is not a guarantee of success. b. show that your chances of career success are quite limited without a degree. c. show that if you are rich, a university education is not so important. 2. According to the article, people with a four-year degree... a. will normally pay $100,000 in tuition fees. b. will earn approximately 15 times the cost of their tuition in salary. c. may earn over $1 million over the course of their career. 3. Which of the following is not a benefit of a university education mentioned in the article? a. fewer health related problems. b. better financial security. c. better interpersonal relationships. © 2021 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.

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