What's More Activity 1

  1. Science
  2. 5 Grade
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WHAT’S Activity 1MORE Horizontally 7. One of the two pea-sized organs found Vertically beneath the prostate gland that neutralizes 1. The _________ is the external male organ the acidic urine in the urethra is the _______ which allows the passage of the semen. gland. 2. The skin covering of the testes which is a 8. The ______________ serves as sac-like structure is called __________. passageway of the sperm cells released 3. The ________________ is a narrow- coiled from the testes. tube which stores immature sperm cells. 9. The _______________ are sac-like 4. The _____________ protrude outside the pouches attached to the vas deferens which body and produces sperm cells. supply the sperm cells with a fluid rich in 5. The ____________ serves as a passageway fructose to keep them active. of both urine from the urinary bladder and 10. The _________________ is located semen from the glands. between the bladder and the penis that 6. The tip of the penis is called __________. supplies fluids rich in minerals that the sperm cells need.