The Gift of the MAgi Comprehension Questions

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Name: ______________________________ Date: ______________________ Period: _______ The Gift of the Magi 1. Why is Della saving money? What is the money for? 2. What day of the year is it and how does this impact the events of the story? 3. How much money does Della have saved up? What does this amount reveal about the time period of the story? 4. What are Jim and Della’s most prized possessions? 5. What does Della do to earn more money? How much does she receive? 6. What present does Della buy for Jim? How much did it cost? 7. How does Jim react when he sees that Della has cut her hair? 8. Why is Jim surprised when he sees Della? What present did he buy her? 9. What is ironic about the gifts Jim and Della purchase for one another? What type of irony is this?

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