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How to make faster decisions


This decision-making lesson plan is based on a video by Patrick J. McGinnis who coined the term FOMO. This time, however, it is about a different acronym, FOBO – fear of a better option. The worksheet consists of a lot of exercises that will make your students learn new vocabulary, listen to decision-making strategies presented by the speaker and talk about their own experiences with taking decisions.


The worksheet starts with a task in which students have to match 8 questions to correct answers. The questions contain some words and phrases connected with making decisions. For example, a snap decision, make-or-break, flip a coin, etc. These questions and answers are structured in such a way that after matching them correctly, students are able to understand the meaning of the vocabulary items. Next, students have to work in pairs and answer the same questions, however, in a way that is true for them. Encourage your students to ask their partners some follow-up questions as well.


Next three tasks are all listening comprehension activities based on the video about making faster decisions. First, students watch just a minute of the video and have to find out and explain what FOBO means. Then, they continue watching the video and have to complete a table. They have 3 decision types that the speaker presents and they need to write down meanings and examples of such decisions. In the third task, students watch the whole video again and note down what provided pictures refer to. Students need to list a few personal and professional no-stakes, low-stakes and high-stakes decisions they’ve made in their lives and compare them in pairs.

Your experience in making decisions

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