Test Unit 1

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UNIT TEST 1 ● Vocabulary and Grammar Name: ________________________ Grammar Class: ________________________ 4 Complete the text with one word in each space. Ana: Did you really (1) __________ to skip a lot of Vocabulary classes, when you were a student, Mum? I can’t believe it! Then why (2) __________ you always 1 Choose the correct words to complete the telling me that attendance is so important? sentences. 1 Which school did you attend / pursue when you were Mum: Well, yes, it’s true. I made this mistake and I’d younger? like to save you from it. My mum (3) __________ 2 I don’t like History, so I’m going to take / drop it as soon always trying to explain this to me but I as I can. (4) __________ never listen to her. Even now, 3 Sara really has / does a gift for languages. when she gives me advice, I (5) __________ 4 My sister loves being with other people – she’s really usually roll my eyes although deep inside I know studious / gregarious. she’s almost always right! I (6) __________ to 5 Mark is very diligent / sociable – he always hands his think I would be such a relaxed mum to my kids work in on time. – but I can now see I’m just like her. 6 Mia is a fun-love / fun-loving girl who loves parties. /6 7 Most young children are interested and eager learning / to learn. 5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the 8 I’ve fallen out / behind with my homework so I need to verbs in brackets. stay in tonight and do it. 1 I promise ___________ (call) you when I land. 9 I always try to do things immediately rather than putting 2 Please remember ___________(feed) the cat! them off / out. 3 The degree enabled me ___________ (get) a good job. 10 OK, give / pay attention everyone – this is important. 4 She made us ___________(swear) we wouldn’t tell /10 anyone. 5 I will miss ___________ (talk) to you when I’m away. 2 Complete the sentences with a word formed from the 6 I’ve tried ___________ (drink) warm milk but it didn’t help word in brackets. me fall asleep. 1 We watched the ____________ (DRAMA) rescue on TV. 7 I can’t stand ___________ (be) indoors all day! 2 Can you ____________ (VISION) what the new building /7 will look like? 3 Jack has changed so much that he’s hardly ____________ (RECOGNISE). 6 Complete the second sentence so it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the word given. 4 Take time to ____________ (FAMILIAR) yourself with the new computer system. 1 I was in the habit of drinking coffee before breakfast. 5 I’m lucky because I can talk to my friends about my USED ____________ (PERSON) problems. I _____________________ coffee before breakfast. /5 2 We always played football on Saturdays. WOULD We ____________________ football on Saturdays. 3 I haven’t trained since my knee injury. STOPPED 3 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. I _____________________ after my knee injury. There are two words you don’t need. 4 I don’t want to go to the cinema. FANCY I _____________________ to the cinema. curiosity form high innate inspiration 5 My parents said I should study art. ENCOURAGED outdated volunteer My parents _______________________ art. 1 Maria has an __________ ability to draw. 6 The teachers don’t allow us to talk in class. LET 2 The school offers students a very __________ standard The teachers _____________________ in class. of education. 7 It usually rains more in the winter. TENDS 3 This is an exciting new __________ of learning. It _____________________ more in the winter. 4 He believes that blackboards are __________ and not /7 modern enough. 5 She works as a __________, for no pay. /40 /5 1