Test modals -OGFS 5

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  2. Zhenia Kostenko
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Test 14 Name .~ _ _ _~ Necessity and obligation 5 You can't talk in the library. You talk in the library. 6 We were allowed to choose what to write about. 1 Circle the correct option. We choose what to write ~ My medicine has run out. I can /~go to the about. doctor's to get another prescription. 7 They didn't have to buy a new car. We have to / don't need to switch our mobiles off They buy a new car. at school otherwise the teacher takes them away. 8 May I take my shoes off? 2 Hurry up! We shouldn't / 've got to go now if we _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I take my shoes off? want to catch the train. 9 I went shopping unnecessarily. John had bought 3 You look exhausted! You really should I can't go everything we needed. and get some rest. I gone shopping. 4 Alex doesn't need to I can't wear a uniform. 10 I have to show Linda these photos. 5 You don't have to I mustn't open this window. It's _ _ __ __ _ show Linda these photos. too dangerous. 6 Does Leo must I need to contact his boss today? _ /10 7 I'm sorry I can't I have to lend you my iPod. 8 'I don't know what to do:'You should I need ask 3 Circle the two correct options. Mum and Dad for help: ~ Emma~oul~/91 can listen to you. 9 May I / Do I have to keep this box? I love it! 1 You mustn't I have to I should tell someone. 10 'The teacher said we can / needn't go home early 2 They can / have to I may keep their coats on if today:'Oh, that's great! We can go cycling: they wish. ~5 3 Martin didn't need to / needn't have I shouldn't have done that. 4 Does Jenny have to I can I need to start her 2 Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use a modal verb from course on Monday? the box. 5 Jill couldn't I needn't have I should help me. 6 My mum has / needn't / needs to wear a white must needn't have didn't need to could may - ' coat at work. will need to couldn't can should didn't have to 7 The sign says you may I mustn't / couldn't fish in mustn't the lake. ~ Can I open the window please? 8 In the end we had to I couldn't I shouldn't take a MC! l;j r ope"" title w~",,~ow pLeC!se? taxi. 1 Heidi will have to take the exam again. 9 You should I need to I must not forget to bring a Heidi take the exam again. raincoat. 2 In my opinion it would be a good idea for you to 10 We needn't have / didn't have to / didn't need to do what the doctor says. pay the bill. You do what the doctor says. 3 Martin was not allowed to swim in the sea _ IS because it was prohibited. Martin swim in the sea. My score _ I 20 4 There was no obligation to buy Kim a present. We buy Kim a present. © Oxford University Press 2014 Photocopiable Tests 47

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