Test b7 unit 1


4 Complete the dialogue with one word in each gap. Rachel: What do you do at the weekend, Emily? Emily: On Saturday I usually (1) out with my friends. Rachel: (2) do you go? Emily: T here’s a big shopping centre near my house so we go there. (3) the evening we have a pizza and watch a film. Rachel: At the cinema? Emily: No, at home. I (4) ever go to the cinema. Rachel: What time do you get up on Sunday? Emily: Late! I have breakfast, listen to music and chat to my friends online. Rachel: Do you do any sport? Emily: Sometimes. I like swimming, but I (5) like running. Score: / 10 VOCABULARY 5 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the sentences. 1 I do /make my homework in my bedroom before dinner. 2 My sister does/has lunch in the school cafeteria. 3 We study geography/physics on T hursdays. I love learning about different countries. 4 John is very good at art/maths. He likes solving problems with numbers. 5 I usually finish/go to bed when I’m tired. Score: /5 6 Complete the sentences with the correct verb f orm. 1 She shopping at the weekend. 2 I the Internet in the evening. 3 He the guitar. 4 T hey films on their computer. 5 I don’t like photos of people. Score: /5 USE OF ENGLISH

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