Test a unit 1

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3 Complete the sentences with at, in or on. 1 We have a morning break 11.15. 2 We don’t have afternoon classes Wednesdays. 3 Can you come to my party? It’s the sixth of May. 4 I like playing on my computer the evening. 5 It’s very cold here January. Score: /5 4 Complete the sentences with the correct answer, A or B. 1 We have biology on Mondays. It’s my favourite lesson so I’m never late. A always B hardly ever 2 My mum drives me to school, but only when the bus is late. A never B sometimes 3 Brett cleans his dad’s car at the weekend. I see him do it nearly every Saturday. A often B hardly ever 4 My football practice starts at a quarter to four but today it’s at half past four. A never B usually 5 Our teacher gives us homework at the weekend. She says it’s time to relax. A never B often Score: /5 VOCABULARY 5 Choose the correct alternatives to complete the sentences. 1 I do /make my homework in my bedroom before dinner. 2 My sister does/has lunch in the school cafeteria. 3 We study geography/physics on T hursdays. I love learning about different countries. 4 John is very good at art/maths. He likes solving problems with numbers. 5 I usually finish/go to bed when I’m tired. Score: /5 6 Complete the sentences with words f or places to go in a town. 1 T here’s a really nice near my school. Sometimes we go swimming on the way home. 2 When I want to read a book, I don’t buy one. I go to the instead. 3 My dad takes me to the when it rains. We like learning about the history of our town. 4 T he near our house is very big. It has lots of shops. 5 T he in our town is fantastic. We often have picnics there in summer. Score: /5

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