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7. A member with Allianz has done the initial lab tests after feeling extreme fatigue. The tests were normal and didn’t show any signs of him being a Corona suspect. He went on to send for an approval for a CT scan with Cairo scan a. CT will be covered on reimbursement basis b. CT will be covered on direct settlement basis c. CT won’t be covered 8. After Adel has been diagnosed with Covid-19, he was prescribed the MOH medications protocol and went ahead with ordering it from ElEzaby; Adel is an Allianz member: a. Medications will be covered on reimbursement basis b. Medications can be directly settled since El Ezaby is inside the network c. Medications won’t be covered 9. For lab tests done outside of NextCare’s network, reimbursement amount will be compared to a. Al Mokhtabar b. Alfa labs c. Al borg 10. On call doctors for 5 days per week, from 10 to 6 pm to help patients who are home isolated and answer any of their questions. This service is available with a. AXA b. Allianz c. MetLife d. GIG 11. Regarding inpatient treatment for Allianz members: a. It will be directly settled, only after a preapproval b. It’s not covered however, it can be added to corporate policies c. It’s not covered 12. For the following case, mention if each service is covered or not: Michel is in MetLife’s Diamond policy and his physician requested a few tests: CBC, CRP and Ferritin. a. Covered b. Not covered 13. Case#12 cont’d; If the previous are positive, a chest CT scan will be requested a. Covered b. Not covered Page 2 of 6