Term 1_Test_Units_1_and_2

  1. English
  2. 3 Grade
  3. Diana Vovk
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Name: Class: 2 1 Look, read and match. 7 The plane is a below the hotel. 2 The shopping centre is b near the bus stop. 3 The restaurant is c next to the museum. 4 The underground station is d below the plane. 5 The helicopter is e above the hotel. 6 The museum is f opposite the traffic light. 7 The train is g above the bank. 8 The traffic light is h far from the underground station. 2 Read and complete. 8 bowling kayaking town snowboarding not mountains very hundred high My name’s Jenny and I like 1 bowling . I go bowling at the shopping centre in the 2 on Saturdays with my friends. I’m 3 good – I can get one 4 points! My sister Rebecca likes doing sports on the river. She’s good at 5 , but she isn’t very good at sailing. I go fishing with Rebecca on Sundays, but I’m 6 very good. My brother Kyle is good at making models and robots. His favourite robot is two metres 7 ! He isn’t very good at sports. He likes going to the 8 , but he isn’t very good at skiing or 9 . Total 15 Total test mark 30 Guess What! 4 Review Units 1 and 2 Reading and Writing Test PHOTOCOPIABLE © Cambridge University Press 2016

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