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Name Le[\ijkXe[`e^k_\ i\X[`e^gifZ\jj K_\@em\ek`fef]k_\K\c\g_fe\ Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. He was a teacher of the deaf in Boston. At night, he worked on experiments using a telegraph. Once when the metal in the telegraph stuck, Bell’s assistant plucked the metal to loosen it. Bell, who was in another room, heard the sound in his receiver. He understood that the vibrations of the metal had traveled down the electric current to the receiver. He continued to work on this idea. March 10, 1876, was the first time Alexander Graham Bell successfully spoke words over a telephone line. He was about to test a new transmitter when he spilled some battery acid on his clothes. He cried out to his assistant who was in another room, “Mr. Watson, come here! I want you!” Watson heard every word clearly on the telephone and rushed into the room. Bell demonstrated his invention to many people. Over time, more and more telephone lines were installed, and people began to use the invention in their homes and businesses. Did SQ3R help you? Let’s find out. gXik`XcgX^\]ifd`em\ekfiËjefk\Yffb (% Who invented the telephone? _____________________________________________ )% What was his regular job? _________________________________________________ *% What did Mr. Bell say to Mr. Watson during the first telephone conversation? __________________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Scholastic Inc. +% Who was Mr. Watson? _____________________________________________________ ,% How did people first learn about the telephone? ___________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ FeXefk_\ij_\\kf]gXg\i#ni`k\XgXiX^iXg_k\cc`e^n_ppflXi\^cX[k_\k\c\g_fe\ nXj`em\ek\[%I\X[pfligXiX^iXg_kfX]i`\e[% 3CHOLASTIC 3UCCESS 7ITH 2EADING #OMPREHENSION s 'RADE  5