Unit 23 - Take me seriously lvl m quiz

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LEVEL M Benchmark Passage Quick Check Take Me Seriously Name Date Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. 1. Who told the story? 4. If a person is nervous, that person is . A a performer in a talent show B a judge at a talent show A sad C a parent of a rapper B brave D a person in an audience C worried D skillful 2. Who waited in line with Mia? 5. What was the author’s purpose A her friend for writing the story? B her mother A to entertain you with a story C a judge about a kid rapper D a rap star B to persuade you that talent show judges are unfair 3. Why did Mia think she would surprise everyone? C to teach you ways to be unafraid in front of a crowd A She was eight years old and was better at rapping D to inform you about young than most people expected. rappers B She had the best stage name of anybody in the talent show competition. C She had a big group with her that was ready to jump onstage in the middle of her song. D She saw that the judges were friends of her mother, but they had not seen her yet. © Learning A–Z All rights reserved. www.readinga-z.com

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