SW Trapped in a Cave Vocabulary

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Vocabulary “Trapped in a Cave’” December 2021/January 2022 Skill Builder Name: Cave of Words Directions: Use the words and definitions in the left column to complete the tasks in the right column. (Hint: If you need help, find the words in the article “Trapped in a Cave” to see them used in context.) 1. cavers: What might cavers bring to explore a cave? people who explore caves __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Fun fact: Another word for caver is spelunker. 2. chambers: Complete this sentence: rooms; enclosed spaces The haunted house had mysterious chambers where ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ 3. climate: Circle the word that would NOT describe a the usual weather in a climate. place a. warm b. blooming c. rainy 4. current: Where would you find a current? water moving in a certain direction __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Art by Lance Lekander Continued on next page > ©2021 by Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved. Permission granted to teachers and subscribers to make copies of this page to distribute to their students.

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