Super Hero Poems

  1. English
  2. By Tan Zi Ying
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Instructions: Fill out the words that rhyme. Then, finish the poem by writing your own lines. The last two lines are left blank for you. _________________________________________ My name is Hulk _______________________ Words that rhyme: Towards a villain I dash Word 1: Hulk _______________________ Word 2: Word 1: Dash Everything goes Boom! Word 2: _______________________ Word 1: Boom Word 2: I’m angry, mean, Word 1: Mean _______________________ Word 2: Some people say I’m crazy, Word 1: crazy Word 2: ______________________ Word 1: Day Word 2: But at the end of the day ______________________ Word 1: Word 2: ______________________ ______________________.

Worksheet Image