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a. Menarche b. Monarche c. Minarche d. Menarchy 12. What is the two basic classifications of abortion? a. Selective and elective b. Therapeutic and Selective c. Therapeutic and Elective d. Reflective and Selective 13. What teenage issue was considered taboo in many cultures and sin in some religions? a. Abortion b. Teenage Pregnancy c. Sexual Behavior d. Premarital Sex 14. When did premarital sex become more accepted especially in Western Countries? a. 1970 b. 1960 c. 1961 d. 1962 15. This includes questioning your sense of self or identity. a. Sexual Identity b. Identity Crisis c. Abortion d. Sexual Behavior 16. Refers to how a person expresses himself or herself concerning his or her sexual orientation. a. Identity b. Sexual Identity c. Sexual Behavior d. Identity Crisis 17. A communicable disease that is spread by a pathogen from person to another person through sexual contact. a. Jock Itch b. STI c. Hernia d. Cancer 18. The termination of pregnancy before the fetus is viable. a. STD b. Abortion c. Miscarriage d. AIDS 19. Having the act of sexual contact before marriage. a. Pre-Marital Sex b. Sexual Identity c. Identity Crisis d. Abortion 20. How important is your family’s support and understanding to these teenager issues and concerns? a. It is important because I can handle it alone b. It doesn’t matter to me I don’t need them c. I don’t need my family’s; I have my friends back d. It is important because they will be the ones who will guide me on how to manage my issues and concerns as a teenager Prepared by: MA. CRISTINA L. QUIRANTE JENNY NADIA G. ATALAN CHRISTIAN JAY L. LOZADA AMELITA R.M. CARLOS JEFFREY O. FRANCISCO

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