Name: ______________________________________ Date: ______________ FILL OUT FORMS: Using the information from the short selection, write the needed information below. John Richard Dela Cruz is applying at the Engineering Department of Emerson Incorporated. He was born on September 27, 1986 to Dave and Monica Dela Cruz. In 2012, he graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology as an Electrical Engineer. You can contact him through 0912-578-956 or [email protected] He loves to play basketball and computer games with his friends. Richard loves activities that challenge his skills and knowledge ASPECTS OF VERB. Choose the letter of the correct verb phrase to be used in the following sentences. 1. I __________ the book you lent me yesterday. A. Had read B. B. will have read C. C. have read D. D. has read 2. By 2018, she __________ from elementary. A. B. Had graduated C. B. will have graduated D. C. has graduated E. D. have graduated SOUND DEVICES. Choose the letter of the sound device used in the following sentences. A. Assonance B. Alliteration C. Onomatopoeia _______________ 1. “With bloody blameful blade he bravely broached” (W. Shakespeare) _______________ 2. “The crumbling thunder of seas” (A. Dillard) PREFIXES. Choose the letter of the correct prefix to complete the word. A. pro B. sub C. ex D. under E. super 1. Maria goes to the __________market each Saturday. 2. Ana met with her __________-roomate in College. Idioms. Read the underlined idioms in Column A. Match and write the corresponding letter of its meaning from Column B. Column A Column B _____1. My parents will foot the bill for my birthday. A. get married _____2. Sam was down in the dumps after he wrecked his bicycle B. refusal to see or listen _____3. Tony and Lisa will finally tie the knot in June. C. feeling very sad D. pay for

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