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  1. World Languages
  2. Zhenia Kostenko
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Pre-intermediate Unit test 10 6 Complete the conversation with the words in the box. 4 Complete the crime and punishment words. be back can you doesn’t work find out 1 There is a lot of g r a f f i t i on the walls. I can I speak into it money back sorry about the moment You’ll have 2 He was arrested for credit card f d. 3 How long was her p i o en c ? A: Excuse me, could 1 I speak to the manager? 4 He did six months’ c m u t r i e. B: I’m sorry but he’s not here at 2 . 5 The s p i f e was caught with a bag of A: Well, 3 help me? I bought this camera stolen clothes. here yesterday and it 4 . 6 The h f of a Picasso painting made big news. B: Oh dear. I’m really 5 that. Did you put the right battery in it? 5 A: Of course I did! But the camera’s broken. I’d like my 6 . 5 Match 1–6 with a)–f). B: I’m afraid there’s nothing 7 do at the moment. 8 to talk to the manager. He’ll 1 There have been a lot of delays d look 9 for you. 2 Kim often gets stuck A: And when will he 10 ? 3 Do you ever complain about bad B: I don’t know, sir. I’ll go and 11 . 4 How often do you receive spam 5 My computer has just 10 6 I can’t stand people speaking Total: 50 a) service in shops? b) in your inbox at work? c) crashed. Can you help? d) on the train this week. e) loudly on their mobile phones. f) in traffic jams. 5 Function PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Education Limited 2015

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