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Elementary Achievement test 4 (Units 10–12) Vocabulary Function 5 Cross out the wrong word in each group. 8 Underline the best response, a), b) or c). 1 to climb jogging to drive to swim 1 Let’s go to the zoo. 2 warm stung clubbing sunburnt a) I want to see a film. 3 a film a drawing a painting a photo b) That doesn’t sound very interesting. 4 head hurt hand ear c) I might. 5 thumb headache flu cough 2 Shall we book tickets? 6 grown wrote given swum a) Yes, you should. 7 through slowly under across b) Sounds interesting. c) That’s a good idea. 6 3 The TV is too loud. a) Shall I turn it down? b) That sounds good to me. 6 Underline the correct answer, a), b) or c). c) Great. I’ll do it. 1 I’ve never b a camel or elephant. 4 I can’t open the window. a) driven b) ridden c) climbed a) OK, don’t move. 2 Have you ever to a live sporting event? b) No problem. a) seen b) been c) watched c) Let me try. 3 Look out. There’s a car coming us. 5 That’s so kind of you. a) towards b) away from c) into a) You’re welcome. 4 I love walking bridges and looking down. b) Are you OK? a) through b) across c) into c) Thanks a lot. 5 It’s really tiring walking that hill at the end 6 Hi. Is Kirsten there? of the day. a) Could you ring me back? a) up b) through c) towards b) No, she’s gone out. 6 Don’t the phone now. It’s really late. c) It’s Suzanne. a) leave b) answer c) call 7 My number is 0490 393950. 7 Can you a message for me and tell him I’ll a) Let me check that. 0490 . . . call him back after lunch? b) I’ll hang up straight away. a) write b) leave c) take c) Thanks for picking up. 8 Could I leave a message for Phil? 6 a) Of course. Could you give me the number there? b) Just a moment. Let me get a pen. 7 Match sentences 1–9 with a)–i). c) I’ll call you back. 1 Why don’t we go c 2 He didn’t have any food so 7 3 I’m tired. Let’s take 4 She’s really good at remembering 9 Complete the conversations. Use one word in 5 He’s pushing his each gap. 6 I think we should go 7 Did you remember to turn off Conversation 1 8 I watched the old man crossing A: Let’s 1 do something different this 9 Have you ever done weekend. 2 don’t we go away somewhere? B: I don’t really feel 3 doing that. a) your phone? A: OK. Well, how 4 going out for a meal? b) for a walk and get some fresh air. B: That 5 like a good idea. Let’s do that. c) for a meal tomorrow night? Conversation 2 d) the road. A: Hello. 6 is Matt Paton. Is Simon there? e) he got hungry. B: Let me 7 . No, I’m afraid he’s in a meeting. f) people’s names. A: 8 you ask him to call me? g) car to the garage. B: Certainly. Does he have your 9 ? h) a break for half an hour. A: Yes, he does. Thanks. i) a bungee jump? 8 8 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Education Limited 2015

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