social studies 3 - lesson 3 - Intermediate directions

  1. Social Studies
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INTERMEDIATE DIRECTIONS TRAIN GROCERY STATION CH STORE AP EL MYER ST PARK . MY ER POLICE ST. STATION SHIR E ST. T ES T. AK DS BL AR ST. R K GE RIC B IV ER AR N A RIT HOSPITAL CL T. SS TT SCHOOL WA 1. LABEL the compass rose with the cardinal and intermediate directions. 2. Amy is a police officer and goes to the grocery store after work. What direc- tion should she travel in to go to the grocery store? A. Northwest B. South C. Southwest D. Northeast 3. Cindy goes to the park after school. What direction should she travel in to get to the park? A. Southeast B. South C. Southwest D. Northeast 4. Charles lives on Brick Street. He needs to head in what direction to go to the grocery store? A. North B. Northwest C. Northeast D. Northsouth 5. Dave is a train conductor. He wants to meet an old friend at the Clarita River during his break. In what direction should he travel to go to the river? A. Southwest B. Northeast C. Northwest D. Southeast 6. Rika is a teacher and takes the train home. In what direction should she travel to get to the train station? A. Northeast B. Southeast C. Southwest D. Northwest Copyright © 2012-2013 by More worksheets Find worksheets, games, at lessons & more at © 2007 - 2019