Social Studies 3 - Lesson 2 - Listen to what matters

  1. Social Studies
  2. 3 Grade
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Name Date Listening to What Matters and Using Requests 1. Write down one thing that you have felt you needed in the past week, but did not receive. (A turn playing video games? Ice cream?) 2. How did it feel when you did not receive this? (Hurt? Angry? Sad?) 3. Write down why receiving this was important to you. (“I think it is important to take turns and my brother would not let me play when it was my turn. I wanted my brother to listen to me and to be fair.”) 4. Using your answers above, what could you have said to your brother (when you were calm) to help him understand your feelings, needs, and requests after this happened? (“I felt hurt when I could not have a turn playing video games. I would like to be heard and to have a turn when it is my turn.”) Find worksheets, games, lessons & more at © 2007 - 2019